This week in PDF: Analysis report of proposed Adobe acquisition announced

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This week in PDF has seen an announcement detailing the pending publication of an in-depth analysis report on Adobe’s proposed acquisition of Omniture. The last 7 days have also seen the launch of a free PDF security tool and the monetization of a free PDF creation utility.

First up, The Future of Publishing has announced the October 12 publication of its in-depth research report analyzing the proposed Adobe Systems acquisition of Omniture, the industry’s leading web analytics firm. Titled ‘Adobe’s Designs on Web Analytics: The Omniture Acquisition,’ the examines the financial position of each firm and explores the full rationale for the acquisition. Highlights include material from interviews with top corporate personnel at each firm, along with customers, analysts, partners and the competition. This week, the report is available at a special pre-publication price of $75 USD; upon publication, the it will be sold as a PDF download from Each purchaser will automatically receive an update in 60 days that will highlight key developments since this report was first published, and feature informed commentary from interested parties and clarification of any factual errors.

BookGuard Pro, a PDF eBook security company, has launched a new free security tool. The PDF Protection Analyzer is a quick online quiz that can be used to assess the security of PDF files. It can be used to evaluate the ease with which PDF passwords may be compromised, and explains the importance of PDF security, wrapping and live monitoring of PDF access. The PDF Protection Analyzer can be found at the Protect PDF blog/

Still on the topic of free PDF solutions, OpenCandy has announced that Nitro PDF Software’s free PDF creator, PrimoPDF, will adopt the OpenCandy distribution and monetization platform. OpenCandy will allow those installing the software to discover other compelling applications on an ‘opt-in’ basis via a unique recommendation option during the installation process.

‘We wanted to find a way to generate revenue to continue developing, offering and supporting PrimoPDF at no cost to our millions of users. Unfortunately, every option presented to us relied on mediocre user experiences, such as ‘opt-out’ bundles of software applications our users likely wouldn’t want as they represented zero value-add,’ said Gina O’Reilly, senior vice president of sales and marketing of Nitro PDF Software. ‘Partnering with OpenCandy allows us to generate revenue while, more importantly, adding value for our users by providing a completely transparent and optional means of discovering other great software.’

PrimoPDF can be freely downloaded from

That’s it for this week. Watch this space!

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