This week in PDF: Adobe releases eBook software

This week in PDF sees Adobe announce its new eBook software offering, while Cyproof releases an automated proofreading product for PDF documents.

First up, Adobe has released a brand-new eBook application, marking its latest foray into that arena. Adobe Digital Editions 1.0 was built from scratch for the purpose of managing and reading eBooks and other digital publications. Available as a free download for Microsoft Windows and Macintosh systems, the software has already gained some industry support, with Sony committing to embed Adobe Digital Editions technology into its portable reader product line. On the authoring side, InDesign CS3 will include a specialized export feature to streamline content creation for the new product. Nevertheless, Digital Editions 1.0 offers native support for PDF and XML-based publications, meaning that it is already compatible with many existing publications. It also supports Flash, opening the door to rich content such as audio and video. Finally, users can annotate content using bookmarks, highlighting and text notes. Adobe Digital Editions is currently available as a free download for Microsoft Windows and Macintosh systems at

In other news, Cyproof has released a new Web-based proofreading product aimed at formal journals. Developed in collaboration with professional editors and publishers, ErrNET was checks PDF documents for acceptable use of US English in formal writing. The software marks errors in grammar, punctuation, technical style, and spelling, and verifies Web site addresses (URLs). In addition, the spell-checker references over one million entries, including life, physical, and applied science terms. Each check generates an error report that explains for each mistake, suggested corrections and a summary of numbers and types of errors. Further information on the solution is available at the vendor Web site.

That’s it for this week. Watch this space!

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