This week in PDF: Acrobat 9 ships

This week in PDF has seen a pair of announcements relating to Acrobat 9 and the release of a new enterprise PDF search solution for Microsoft SharePoint.

First up, Adobe has today announced the immediate availability of Adobe Acrobat 9, the anticipated major update to its flagship PDF application. The new version incorporates native Flash support, the ability to unify a wide range of content in rich PDF Portfolios, and access to real-time collaboration functionality via integration with

The Acrobat 9 family consists of Acrobat 9 Standard, Acrobat 9 Pro, and the new Acrobat 9 Pro Extended software. The most comprehensive member of the family, Acrobat 9 Pro Extended, includes Adobe Presenter software for easily turning Microsoft® PowerPoint presentations into multimedia experiences that can be published as PDF files.

In line with the major update, Adobe has also updated its Creative Suite bundles to include the new version of Acrobat 9 Professional. Specifically, the Adobe Creative Suite 3.3 Design Premium, Design Standard, Web Premium, and Master Collection editions all incorporate Acrobat 9 Pro, bringing together PDF and Flash formats and enhancing print production workflows. Adobe Creative Suite 3.3 Design Premium also bundles Adobe Fireworks CS3 software as a special offering for designers who need to rapidly prototype Web sites and Web applications.

For more information on both announcements, check out the official Adobe website.

Also making news this week was the release of PDFlib’s new enterprise search solution for Microsoft SharePoint. TET PDF IFilter 3.0 extracts text and metadata from PDF documents and makes it available to search and retrieval software on Windows. This allows PDF
documents to be searched on local desktops, corporate servers or the Web. TET PDF IFilter is based on the patented PDFlib Text Extraction Toolkit (TET), a developer product for reliably extracting text from PDF documents.

According to the press release:

TET PDF IFilter is a robust implementation of Microsoft’s IFilter indexing interface. It works with all search and retrieval products which support the IFilter interface, e.g. SharePoint and SQL Server. Such products use format-specific filter programs — called IFilters — for particular file formats, e.g. HTML. TET PDF IFilter is such a program, aimed at PDF documents. The user interface for searching the documents may be the Windows Explorer, a Web or database front-end, a query script, or a custom application. As an alternative to interactive searches, queries can also be submitted programmatically without any user interface.

To find out more, visit

That’s it for this week. Next week, we will be bringing you an exclusive, in-depth review of Acrobat 9, so watch this space!

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