This week in PDF: A pair of PDF developer products updated

This week in PDF has seen PDF features added to a personal document management system, along with major updates to a pair of PDF developer products.

First up, Debenu, the company behind royalty-free PDF SDK, Quick PDF Library (formerly known as iSEDQuickPDF), has released a new version of its personal document management software. PDF is front and center in Benubird Pro, which adds easy PDF conversion and allows users to directly edit file and PDF metadata.

‘We believe that PDF represents the core of long-term archiving, right now by using the built-in ‘Add to Benubird Pro’ PDF printer-driver built into Benubird Pro, you can archive anything you can print,’ noted De Abrew. ‘In future releases, we intend to use our PDF developer API, Quick PDF Library to add support for the long-term archive standard PDF/A (ISO 19005-1:2005).’

For more information or to download a 14-day trial visit the official Debenu website.

In other news, PDFlib GmbH has updated its developer product for the extraction and conversion of PDF content. PDFlib TET 3 adds raster image and table extraction, XML output, a new Cookbook, and a number of TET connectors to interface the product with other software. New workarounds make it possible to extract the text from PDF documents for which this was previously impossible, (e.g. some PDFs generated with the TeX typesetting system). For more information on the release, check out the PDFlib website.

In a big week for PDF developers, Pegasus Imaging Corporation has launched the latest version of its software development kit (SDK) for delivering PDF file support to engineers building document management applications. In addition to providing an enhanced PDF feature set, PDF Xpress v3 adds support for creating PDF/A files. PDF/A is a standards-based, self-contained electronic document file format designed for long-term preservation and archiving. To find out more, visit

That’s it for this week. Watch this space!

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