This week in PDF: A pair of developer updates

Planet PDF is a division of Foxit Software.

This week in PDF has seen the releases of a beta for a PDF developer library, a new SDK for working with PDF on mobile devices and an update to a browser-based PDF viewing and editing solution.

This update notes a developer update. It comes from Planet PDF’s parent company, Debenu, which has just released a public beta of the next iteration of Quick PDF Library. The update includes several expected bug fixes, but the headline in version 8.12 is that it now incorporates 64-bit support for Delphi, DLL and ActiveX editions, along with Delphi XE2 (Win32 and Win64). Don’t build the new version into your production environment just yet, though. Debenu cautions that, at this stage, it is ‘very much a beta release’. For more information, or to download a copy of the beta installer, check out the Quick PDF Library blog.

Editor’s Note:
Just a little moment of nostalgia, but remember when PDF products had names like ‘Gemini’ or ‘Acrobat’, and you had to look them up to work out what they did? Ah, those were the days.

Last but not least, PDF industry stalwart, activePDF, has updated its browser-based PDF editor. Well, strictly speaking, Portal 2011 is a ‘server-based PDF .NET web control tool’. In any case, it’s hosted on the user’s server and provides PDF viewing and editing functionality without requiring any other software on individual systems. Enterprise users can exert more control over the software by limiting access to certain features to prevent tampering or unauthorized distribution.

Based on the press release, this control has been a point of focus during the development of the latest version. Portal 2011 offers improved UI customization, supporting custom tabs, hiding panes and the ability to create custom buttons and tabs. For more information, check out

That’s it for this time. Watch this space!

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