This week in PDF: A pair of developer products updated

This week in PDF has seen an update to a Java-based PDF library and the release of a component that allows software developers to build server-based, two-way PDF conversion into their applications.

First up, IDRsolutions, developer of the JPedal Java PDF viewer, has released a new version of its PDF developer library. The new version includes a completely rewritten JBIG2 decoder, which allows much faster viewing of PDF documents containing JBIG2 images. JPedal 4.21 also allows faster PDF searching, scrolling, and offers improved Ghostscript support.To find out more, check out the official JPedal website.

In other news, activePDF, Inc., has announced the immediate availability of activePDF DocConverter WBE 2010, which provides developers the ability to dynamically convert files both to and from PDF. An API-only version of activePDF’s popular document conversion engine, DocConverter WBE 2010 enables developers to integrate PDF conversion capabilities within their applications. In addition to converting Microsoft Office formats to PDF, DocConverter WBE introduces the ability to convert existing PDFs into MS Word, Excel, HTML, text and image formats. Users can also convert PDF documents into PDF/A-1b or validate existing PDF/A files. For more information regarding activePDF DocConverter WBE 2010, visit the activePDF website.

That’s it for this week. Watch this space!

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