This week in PDF: A pair of developer products released

This week in PDF has seen PDF features added to a developer toolkit, along with the launch of an enterprise-class PDF accessibility solution, and the release of a new developer tool for converting CAD data into 3D PDF documents.

First up, CCE has launched ODX/3DPDF, C++ API for generating 3D PDF files from native CAD data. The product will expand the ability of CAD/CAM independent software vendors to provide 3D PDF output seamlessly from within their products’ user interfaces. CCE has also updated its middleware component technology, Oceans SDK (OSDK), with the ability to export 3D PDF files. This feature will be especially useful for PDM/PLM companies, who can leverage Oceans SDK to generate 3D PDF files for collaboration applications. For additional information, check out the official CCE website.

In other developer news, Atalasoft has confirmed the pending release of DotImage 9.0. The latest version of the imaging and PDF toolkit for .NET applications will be launched April 20 at the 2010 AIIM Exposition in Philadelphia. PDF functionality added in the new version includes support for encryption and decryption, page manipulation, and bookmarks. For more information, visit Atalsoft’s website.

Last but not least, Actuate Corporation has announced Xenos Axess, an enterprise-class solution for producing large volumes of accessible PDF documents for the visually-impaired. Xenos Axess is a patent-pending technology, and the culmination of two years of extensive research and development. Xenos Axess enables organizations to transform high-volume print streams and standard PDF documents into tagged, accessible PDF documents for customers with limited or no vision who are using assistive technologies. To find out more or to view a demonstration, see the official vendor website.

That’s it for this week. Watch this space!

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