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Bruce Eckel has kindly provided his book ‘Thinking in C++, Second Edition’ free of charge to on-line readers. The book is in beta form and comprises two volumes. Volume 1 was completed on January 13, 2000. The current version is TIC2V and Volume 1 will be published by Prentice Hall around March 1, 2000. Volume 2, last updated on September 20, will be published in late 2000.

Bruce says, ‘This is a beta version of the book. Some of it is in a very early form. You can probably get a pretty good idea which parts are rough, and which ones are supposed to be polished.’

These files have been zipped to force saving to your hard drive.

These PDFs have full bookmarks, and hyperlinks created using PDF Maker from Bruce’s Word97 source files. If you would like to see more of what Bruce has to offer – then you can visit Bruce’s site
Here’s what some readers have said about ‘Thinking in C++’

(On Usenet) Unlike most other C++ authors, Eckel has made a career of teaching C++ and Java classes ONLY. He’s had the benefit of a GREAT deal of novice feedback, and the books reflect that.His books are not just about writing in C++/Java, but understanding the intent of the languages and the mindset that goes with thinking in them. Eckel’s also the best technical writer I’ve read since Jeff Duntemann. Very clear and easy to read. Don’t be put off by the apparent large size of his books. Either can be read in *less* than 21 days. :-}Randy Crawford, MRJ Technology Solutions, Fairfax VA

When I first started learning C++, your book ‘Thinking in C++’ was my shining guide light in a dark tunnel. It has been my endeavor to improve my C++ skills whenever possible, and to that affect, ‘Thinking in C++’ has given me the strong foundation for my continuous improvement. Peter Tran, Senior Systems Analyst (IM), Compaq Computer Corporation

On our project at HRB Systems we call your book ‘The Answer Book’. It is our C++ Bible for the project. Curt Snyder, HRB Systems

I would like to thank you for your book ‘Thinking in C++’ which is, with no doubt, the best book I ever read about this subject. Riccardo Tarli – SW Engineer – R&D TXT Ingegneria Informatica – Italy

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