The ten questions I want to ask Al Gore at the upcoming PDF 2007 Conference

We’re all going to have our favorite sessions to pick from at the upcoming and power-packed PDF 2007 conference and this year’s conference features over 80 sessions in two days as well as the opportunity to attend pre-conference and post-conference training sessions.

The conference has been broken up into eight tracks to ensure that CIOs, technology managers, PDF users, IT, graphics and creative professionals will have plenty to inspire and empower them.

PDF 2007 features something for everyone in the realm of Web, video and digital imaging, print, PDF and even provides sessions covering Inspiration and Hands-on sessions.

The folks leading the sessions are a stellar group of accomplished graphics, PDF and creative professionals. The conference also features keynotes from Al Gore — Former VP of the U.S., Chairman of Current TV, Marissa Mayer, VP of Google and Marty Sklar, Vice-Chairman and Principal Creative Executive for Walt Disney Imagineering.

For myself, I’m hoping to garner an interview with the Oscar-award-winning Gore and ask him the following questions:

  1. Is your speech biodegradable?
  2. Did a tree die to provide me this reporter’s notebook?
  3. Are you running for President and secretly campaigning amongst all these powerful PDFers?
  4. What if the all the votes had been cast and password protected in PDFs during the 2000 Presidential election? Would you really still be here talking to us?
  5. What is your favorite PDF function — split or merge?
  6. How do PDFs relate to empowering the world to ‘be more green?’
  7. What’s the one PDF function you hope to see in the coming year?
  8. What is the last thing you saved as a PDF and why?
  9. What do you think is the most exciting thing about the Portable Document Format?
  10. Finish this sentence…’The PDF 2007 Conference is more exciting than the trip I took to _______________________ while I was Vice-President of the United States.

Until then, I’ll busy myself watching ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ and I’ll see you at the conference!

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