The many varied uses of PDF

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What can’t you
do with a PDF? Because PDF is first and foremost about the page, pretty much
anytime the key PDF qualities of authenticity, reliability, and
portability are called for in a document application, PDF can serve like
no other technology.

Any business can
realize tremendous benefits with PDF.

  • PDF document
    generation and distribution eliminates printing costs and moves any remaining
    need for hard-copy to the end-user where it belongs!
  • Interactive
    PDF forms facilitate and transform business processes
  • PDF documentation
    helps customers, suppliers and employees find relevant information fast
  • Using PDF to
    record transactions, procedures and workflows
  • Streamlined
    authoring, review and commenting with PDF
  • PDF assists
    with safe communications between parties
  • PDF is a powerful
    archive format for content generated in other formats

For Government, PDF plays essential roles.

  • Public deployment
    of official communications with PDF
  • Safe internal
    and external communications with PDF
  • PDF forms and
    other interactive functions, including accessibility to disabled users
  • PDF capabilities
    help organizations adhere to a variety of regulations

Legal professionals benefit.

  • Capturing, managing
    and researching case materials in PDF
  • Submissions
    to the Court in PDF

Financial institutions gain new efficiencies with PDF.

  • Melding paper
    and electronic document systems with PDF
  • Process documentation
    and regulatory compliance using the PDF platform
  • Protecting PDF
    documents against change and unauthorized access

Engineering professionals
find PDF useful for communicating.

  • The ubiquitous
    viewer gives PDF subtle advantages for sharing and reviewing detailed design
    or specifications information.

PDF is vital for
creative professionals and printers because it delivers on screen and in print.

  • Streamlined
    review, comment and pre-press processes are superbly adapted for professional
    creative and printing needs

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