Texthhelp ships new literacy support software

Assistive software publisher Texthelp Systems, Inc., announced that it is shipping Read&Write 7.1E Gold, a literacy productivity tool that helps struggling students in grades 3 and up to access curriculum content on a computer and complete reading, writing and research assignments independently.

The program installs as a toolbar that floats on top of various Windows applications that meet accessibility criteria, including Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express and Acrobat.

‘Our design philosophy is that we build on the backs of giants, the giants typically being Microsoft, Apple Computer and Adobe,’ said Mark McCusker, Texthelp Chief Executive Officer. ‘These companies’ popular software applications that most of us take for granted can present significant problems for students with low reading proficiency, who are struggling with learning disabilities or who are learning English as a second language. Our software makes applications such as Microsoft’s Word and Internet Explorer, Outlook Express and Adobe Acrobat easier for struggling readers to use.’

Texthelp also offers a similar Read & Write for MAC product for use on Macintosh machines. More information can be found on the Texthelp website.

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