Ted Padova Book Competition Winners – Week 2

We’ve named the second five winners of our Ted Padova book competition.

All these winners will receive a copy of the Adobe Acrobat 7 Bible, by Ted Padova.

The competition will resume next week when we give away another five books written by this popular PDF authors.


  • Briefly (1-2 paragraphs at most) explain your favorite, personal or organizational, tip or trick using Adobe Acrobat 7 or Adobe Reader 7 – a tip or trick that saves you time, makes your work flow effortless or is simply so cool you would like to share it with Planet PDF’s community.

The final list of winners, and their responses to the contest’s Qualifying Question, are:

  • Peter Gold


    Peter Gold

    A: To view many pages in a file at one time, I open the ‘Pages’ palette very wide, by dragging its right border to the right. It’s a lot like using Bridge. To jump to any page, just click its thumbnail and view a larger image in the right portion of the screen.To zoom in to a portion of the larger image, drag the lower-right corner of the resize ‘Zoom box’ outline on the thumbnail . To view a different part of the larger image, drag the border of the Zoom box around the thumbnail.

  • Ken Colson



    A: I use PDF files for printing clarity. We display GIS (Map) files in color with themes of students and boundaries over the map. The PDF format is excellent in it’s clarity… even better than the original file sent to PDF.

  • Frank Anthony

    Filmshot Graphics

    Graphic IT support

    A: When using PDF created by inexperienced creators, I use acrobat full version to check its colors, overprint and bleed marks. If not to my satisfaction I export the file to eps, open it in Illustrator, correct it and re-save it as a suitable pdf that I use for print output.

  • Randy Yocum

    RR Donnelley

    Technical Service Analyst

    A: The one feature I find most valuable is the ability to merge multiple PDFs into one PDF document or likewise remove several pages from one PDF into multiple PDFs. Previously this meant taking much time doing it manually. Whereas with this automated feature, it is pretty much pick, click and execute. Done. A great feature in Acrobat 7.0.

  • Zlatan Moric



    A: Speed up Acrobat: Disable unneeded plugins and make them optional instead.
    1. Browse to the plugins folder: C:Program FilesAdobeAcrobat 7.0Readerplug_ins
    2. Create a new folder named TMP
    3. Move all files from the plug_ins folder to TMP, except EWH32.api, print*.api, and Search*.api

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