Ted Padova and Donna Baker Book Competition Winners

In collaboration with Ted Padova and Donna Baker, we have hosted a promotional contest to give away five copies of books by Ted Padova and Donna Baker during the past week.

The competition will resume next week when we give away another five books written by these popular PDF authors.


  • Briefly (1-2 paragraphs at most) explain your favorite, personal or organizational, tip or trick using Adobe Acrobat 7 or Adobe Reader 7 – a tip or trick that saves you time, makes your work flow effortless or is simply so cool you would like to share it with Planet PDF’s community.

The final list of winners, and their responses to the contest’s Qualifying Question, are:

  • Noah Katz

    Development Analyst

    Lockheed Martin Information Technology

    A: I work with a lot of paper-sourced documents for litigation support. Sometimes they have had text added, but require OCR – which Acrobat will not process if there is text on the page. So, I would Save As Tif, and then recreate the file as PDF, with images that include the annotations or fields from the first processing stages, but can now be processed with OCR for full text search capability.

  • Bonnay Conix

    OckNay Computer Services


    A:It’s so much easier to send documents as PDF documents than in MS Office formats. It saves space and is simpler to administrate than zipping the files. PDF is much neater and even allows documents to be signed when necessary. Although I am not doing as much as I once was, I still need to save things in the same format. These days, I place the files on disc rather than on the hard drive due to networking considerations.

  • Linda Smith

    Gannett Fleming, Inc.


    A: To select text on multiple pages change your page layout view to continuous. This will allow you to select text across multiple pages.

  • Bruce Cohen

    BC Design Assoc.

    Principal/Creative Director

    A: My most favorite time saving trick is to give the job (who has Acrobat 7) to one of the people who work for me. It never fails to work (for me, at least)

  • Steve Moore

    FSC Insurance Solutions


    A: It may be simple, but I love using the Align tool… I have to make forms with lots of text fields and having something that lines them all up makes things so much easier than using the Grid.

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