TechYou Digital Media releases Arbritrator Pro for PC

TechYou Digital Media announced this week its release of Arbritator Pro, a new program that provides PC users of Adobe Acrobat the full features of Flash as well as the capability to embed Flash Movies with fully functional PDF documents.

The program empowers end-users to control PDF documents through coding in a Flash Movie or alternatively control the Flash Movie from the PDF.

‘By bringing together the world of PDF and Flash through Arbritrated scripting the real promise of electronic publishing finally emerges,’ said Craig Bowman, Arbitrator Pro developer and architect.

Bowman also said users can now make what he termed ‘Living Manuals and Curriculum’ as well as web pages which can search each other and additionally, users can update pages from a remote database, access live streaming information connected to page content and control what and where content is displayed within a document.

The program offers developers a tool for creating dynamic web content in the PDF format with no coding or scripting required and pages accessed via the Internet or email links are automatically opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Other features include: the ability to control any SWF movie in an Acrobat 9 PDF document, full access from ActionScript from Acrobat, rendition management, remote ActionScript object creation and control from PDF and control across multiple PDF pages.

The program is also compatible with PC-based versions of Adobe Creative Suite 3. For downloading you can go to the company web site and the program is priced at $129(US).

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