Tailgate party, Acrobat wows and Padova penning a new tome

Just in case you wanted to know more about the outstanding Omaha PDF conference, we’re doing this short wrap of how it really went and some new tidbits about Acrobat 8 tidbits.

The conference had 195 folks in attendance and it gave a great opportunity to highlight Acrobat 8 just a few days after its official release date, so everything covered by the speakers was new and fresh content!

We caught up with Ted Padova, guru of all things PDF, who shared his thoughts on the conference and its results. Padova claimed the conference an ‘overwhelming success given the fact that this was the first PDF Conference in the central states in the U.S.’

Attendees traveled from 17 different states and three countries to make their way to all the PDF conference offerings in Omaha.

Padova will be co-authoring a new publication with a local trainer Angie Okamoto, from Nebraska, that Padova says the co-authors will be working to release during the first quarter of next year.

When asked about new things on the horizon, Padova noted, ‘I know this kind of question always pops up when talking about computer hardware and software. It seems that in the hi-tech world we often spend so much time looking around the corner at what we can expect from the next greatest development. If I take a glance at the horizon and sneak a peek over the edge, I think about how Acrobat 8 will interact with the new Office 2007 product and new developments from Adobe with Adobe Flash and PDF.’

One of the more outstanding benefits to the conference was the entire track devoted to Adobe PDF and Adobe LiveCycle Designer forms. Padova commented that everything related to forms is certainly among the best and most exciting Acrobat 8 developments.

And that Forms and enabling PDFs with Reader extensions are two of his own favorite new features.

The conference also revealed that new Acrobat 8 tools hold much promise for school administrators and faculty, according to Padova. ‘One session I provided at the conference was as special evening event devoted to educators. Having the opportunity to demonstrate how PDF and products like Captivate can work in concert for ‘real world’ experiences in a field like education was exciting for me.’

Padova says the future is bright for Acrobat. ‘It’s not so much the improvements added to a product like Acrobat that matters, but how and in what ways we can implement those improvements. I think the promise of tomorrow is really here today.’

Particularly interesting to Padova is what he terms ‘the entire world of Acrobat Connect and Acrobat Connect Professional’ and how much remains to be explored in helping people communicate dynamically using PDF as the vehicle for document reviews and dissemination of information.

On the conference overall Padova said, ‘I believe the attendees at the conference were overwhelmed with what we have to work with now and most appeared to be excited about working with the new product. I didn’t get the impression people were looking at what they hope to see in the future. So many were marveled at what you can do now with Acrobat!’

For attendees and folks in general who weren’t able to make it out to the conference, the organizers behind the conference are busily compiling a veritable ‘what’s what’ in all things PDF at the conference site. This includes full speaker presentations from PDF luminaries targeting PDF topics on forms solutions, Acrobat usage and tools for developers.

So if you’re curious about the comparison between Acro Forms vs. Designer Forms by Ted Padova or you want to get the lowdown on how to combine PDF documents by Angie Okamoto, or you just simply want a JavaScript Primer with Thom Parker, hit this link and return for more.

And on a final note, there was much great enthusiasm for the Tailgate party that took folks into the heart of Omaha on a limousine-style bus with one attendee saying the inside resembled a rock star’s tour bus.

Rock stars and PDF stars, hmm…maybe the two should be synonymous with all these rocking new features from Acrobat 8!

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