Synactis announces release of All In-The-Box

Synactic has announced the release of it document viewer and PDF writer aimed at professional developers working on the Windows platform.

According to the company, the release features 180 methods, properties and events and enables developers to generate documents programmatically while maintaining fonts, images, bookmarks, hyperlinks, annotations, style sheets, grids, and page numbering.

The All In-The-Box enables editing and reloading users’ documents in a proprietary format and then save them as PDF files directly from the program code.

The software solution also offers enhanced document exporting and printing capabilities, enabling users to specify page range, number of copies, print parameters, print quality and color mode.

Users can also easily export documents as password-protected PDF files or in BMP, JPEG and EMF image files.

All In-The-Box pricing runs $245 EURO and $845 EURO for a 10-developer license.

More information can be found at the company web site.

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