SwiftView Pro released

SwiftView, Inc. has released SwiftView Pro, an enhanced version of the existing SwiftView PCL viewer. SwiftView Pro displays monochrome and color LaserJet print files (PCL 5c, 5e, and 6c) with improved PCL rendering accuracy and optional 600 dpi resolution. SwiftView Pro’s enhanced rendering quality and PCL color support is also available in the latest release of SwiftConvert, which enables automated batch conversion to PDF and high-performance rendering for final printing. Both products allow efficient management of documents as PCL, repurposing them on demand in other formats. SwiftView remains useful for resending print jobs, allowing a quick reprint of just part of a PCL file.

‘With SwiftView Pro, companies can proof color and black and white print jobs on-screen, preventing paper waste and more quickly identifying problems,’ says Glenn Widener, SwiftView Tools product manager. ‘The ability to easily export PCL as PDF for customers’ online viewing can speed approvals. SwiftConvert also has many high-level PCL analysis and management tools that can make the overall printing process much more efficient.’

More information on SwiftView Pro and SwiftConvert can be found on the SwiftView website.

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