SSP-Litronic, Adobe team to protect critical govt. info

SSP Solutions recently announced it is teaming with Adobe Systems to safeguard the exchange of online information for the enterprise. The combined solution, initially targeted for the government market, integrates SSP’s NetSign CAC smart card middleware with Adobe Acrobat 6.0 software and Adobe Reader 6.0 to provide electronic document security, giving customers strong assurance for electronic document exchange.

Currently deployed by the U.S. Armed Services and various DoD Agencies throughout the world, NetSign CAC provides network and desktop security for over 500,000 Common Access Card holders in the DoD. NetSign CAC helps the Department of Defense manage access to critical resources by enabling the use of the CAC smart ID for strong authentication to applications, websites, and network services. DoD users also use NetSign CAC functionality to secure communications — digitally signing and encrypting email communications with their digital credentials.

Compatibility with Acrobat and Adobe Reader provides government users higher assurance regarding the authenticity, integrity, and non-repudiation of electronic documents. NetSign CAC extends PKI functionality to seamlessly allow CAC users to digitally sign, encrypt, send, and view electronic forms and documents in PDF using Acrobat.

‘Sharing electronic documents is fundamental to the way enterprises operate, and the government is no different in this regard. In fact, there are more stringent requirements for protecting information in the government and the Department of Defense because of national security concerns and consequences of improper disclosure,’ ays John Landwehr, group manager, Security Solutions and Services at Adobe. ‘By working closely with SSP-Litronic, we are able to offer a comprehensive security solution that leverages our complementary product strengths to help meet the higher assurance needs of one of the most critical enterprises around.’

‘NetSign CAC, Acrobat, and Adobe Reader are powerful applications that greatly benefit all users of the DoD’s CAC smart ID,’ according to Kris Shah, president SSP-Litronic. ‘Our plan is to expand the integration of the Adobe products into our entire family of NetSign products and offer all our enterprise customers, both government and commercial, a higher level of trust to build from.’

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