Square One Extends PDF Conversion Suite

Square One bv recently announced it has extended pdf2vector(tm) to include support for DXF™, the interchange format of AutoCAD® from Autodesk’s popular computer-aided design and drafting application. The new release of pdf2vector v5.4 aids engineers in repurposing and redesigning technical drawings such as building layouts and product designs which are archived and exchanged in PDF.

Engineering packages like AutoCAD do not natively support the import of PDF files. Because of this, engineers must resort to methods such as tracing scans and screenshots in a CAD program or using a digitizing tablet. Often, they are reduced to recreating the drawing from scratch. pdf2vector enables them to automatically extract both the geometry and text from a PDF file in the same editable quality as the original and use it immediately within AutoCAD or other applications supporting import of the DXF format.

pdf2vector can be used either in batch mode, interactively or integrated into an application to generate high-quality, scalable vector files. It converts PDF into DXF, SVG, WMF, EMF, CGM, MIF, HPGL and EPS. Separate modules are available to generate bitmap formats such as GIF, JPEG and TIFF as well as formatted ASCII text. Additional input modules generate most of the above formats from PostScript, EPS, WMF and EMF input. Intelligent filter options ensure that the user can optimize and customize the output during conversion, including user-defined settings for rotation, scaling, font substitution, extracting raster images, setting line width and more.

pdf2vector is available immediately in both end-user and developer versions directly through Square One or through authorized resellers such as PDF Store. It runs on Microsoft® Windows®, Red Hat® Linux®, Sun Solaris®, HP-UX and IBM AIX®. Evaluation versions are also available.

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