Sponsor Spotlight: LockLizard

A Closer Look at LockLizard

As part of the ongoing series on Planet PDF’s sponsors, we wanted to highlight LockLizard’s DRM software products including Lizard Safeguard, Lizard Protector and Lizard Guardian.

Lizard Safeguard offers users the latest in PDF document security with PDF DRM controls and no passwords. In June, LockLizard added two unique features, one for publishers and one specifically targeted at users with its latest release of Lizard Safeguard.

The first feature enables publishers to control access to their content and information for a specified number of days after the document is first opened. This helps curb the amount of content that is distributed without consent and also provides a fixed period of access to content or knowledge within an enterprise structure.

This feature also comes in handy if a company wants to set a specific term of evaluation for a new product release where the user has a specific number of days in which to test the product rather than a number of times or a fixed expiration date, according to LockLizard.

The second feature is targeted at users and enables users to have documents open at the last point accessed instead of at the start of a document. This feature does not alter the security of the document.

All of LockLizard’s products are targeted at publishers and companies that exchange, share or sell PDF or web-based content that requires a stronger security control than basic password protection.

With LockLizard users can control who views PDF documents and how long as well as how many times a given PDF can be printed. Additionally, Lizard Safeguard PDF security can be integrated into an ecommerce system and provides the ability to batch protect PDF files without user intervention.

LockLizard was launched in 2004 by a team of information and document management security specialists.

The company also features a library of white papers as a resource for potential customers or those interested in how best to secure PDF files here.

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