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The people at Canada Care Global needed to protect training courses which are available for download from their web site from being copied and distributed without their knowledge.

Introducing Canada Care Global

Canada Care Global (CCG) is an educational company that trains caregivers for working in Canada. CCG delivers classes in Lima, Peru, although the company home base is located in Montreal, Canada. We deliver our educational modules over the Internet directly from our HQ into the classroom in Peru.

Why introduce DRM?

CCG had just begun transmitting our training programs when we detected that one of our sites was copying a document. That is why we immediately began searching for a product like Safeguard PDF Security. Before this we were not using any protection system.

Which LockLizard products do you use?

We use LockLizard Safeguard PDF Security to protect our training materials. We have not yet found it necessary to use the other DRM products that LockLizard have available.

Why choose LockLizard?

We chose LockLizard because it satisfied our needs for sending protected PDFs over the internet. The security features were great for us and the pricing was within our budget.

We like the fact that it is easy to use, easy to register new users, easy to protect documents and to be able to write our own security parameters/controls for each individual document. Once we taught our customers to use the product and not to try and abuse it, the implementation has been very easy.

How about implementation and support?

It took us about three weeks to feel fully comfortable with the program and its implementation. Since then, we have had no problems at all. We have been extremely happy with technical support. Your technical service has resolved each and every issue we have had since implementation.

What value of ROI has been achieved?

The ROI for us is incalculable. We now have the security of knowing that our proprietary documents are secure. This is the entire value of our company. We feel much more comfortable that our clients are not copying or distributing our computer modules without our knowledge. Also, our clients understand the seriousness of such a violation of our contract and see clearly the measures we take to secure our documents.

Would you recommend LockLizard?

We would most certainly recommend your DRM product to colleagues (and I have already). The ease with which we were able to implement Safeguard PDF Security into our company was surprising. Also, the trial period helped us to feel very comfortable with your product.

About LockLizard Safeguard PDF DRM Security

Safeguard PDF Security provides complete PDF document security with DRM controls and US Government strength, AES 256 bit, encryption. It protects PDF documents from copying, modifying, saving and distribution. In addition the IPR owner can control whether users can print protected PDF documents, and if so, how many times. Controls check how documents are used, by whom, for how long, and what can be done with them. Pricing starts from $2495 for a subscription license.

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