Spell Check your PDF Comments & Form Fields

Did you know that Acrobat 7 allows users to spell check the text contained in form fields and comments? Performing such a check is a great final step before submitting a form or returning an annotated document after a review. After all, it can prevent potential confusion and embarrassment if all of your outgoing comments are error-free.

Here’s how to use Acrobat 7’s Spell Checking feature to identify and correct spelling errors and typos found within your PDF comments and form fields:

  1. In Acrobat, select Edit > Check Spelling > Start.
  2. OR you can simply select the Spell Checker Tool if it is visible (see image below).
  3. Change identified words by choosing a suggestion and clicking ‘Change’ or ‘Change All’.

src=’http://www.planetpdf.com/images/1-DS-Tip_SCA.gif’ width=’450′ height=’281′
alt=’The Spell Checker Tool — another way to start a spell check.’>

All done. Simple, eh?

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