Sony 13.3 Inch Prototype E-Reader

Sony announced a new 13.3 inch e-reader last week at SID Display Week in Vancouver. The 12.6oz e-reader uses technology the company developed internally and in conjunction with E Ink Holdings. Set for commercialization by the end of the year. The e-reader allows for a range of functionality including active digitizer that makes interacting with complex PDF documents possible. Editing documents with the stylus is advanced with the ability to jot down your own handwritten notes and highlight passages.

In terms of resolution and pixel density. The resolution on the display is 1200×1600 with 150 PPI. It uses hardware and software made called Mobius, made by E Ink Holdings. In a demonstration interview by Michael Kozlowski Mobius’ flexibility and paper like qualities are touted. Michael goes on in his article to strongly recommend the e-reader as the best possible on the market, ever.

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