Sneak peek at PDF Conference 2008

Before you know it, the Adobe Acrobat and PDF Conference 2008 at Disney’s Coronado Springs will be here. The conference will run this year April 30th through May 2nd and attendees will be treated to a rousing Disneyian keynote by Michael Eisner, former CEO of Disney.

According to the early conference details on the web site, this conference will be the place to be in terms of ‘all things PDF’. Presenters at this year’s conference are especially notable in the world of PDFs and design including: Christopher Smith, Founder of Aquent Graphics Institute, Bob Connolly, Pres. PDF Pictures and Karl De Abrew, Founder of Binary Thing Ltd.

This conference is truly one of the most notable gathering of the minds in terms of PDFs and how they can and will benefit users and services for decades to come.

And I would be remiss in writing about this conference if I did not list a series of questions I plan to ask Michael Eisner if I can get a moment with him.

Top things I will ask Eisner at PDF Conference:

  • Is that your costume or are you just happy to be at Disney?
  • What is your favorite Disney animation movie while you were with Disney?
  • Have you seen Shrek 1, 2 or 3?
  • What is the thing you miss the most about working for Disney?
  • What is the most valuable thing Disney does in terms of customer service and how can companies apply to their own service?
  • Did Mickey and Donald really like one another?
  • What’s your favorite PDF function?

So there you have them — and we’ll keep you updated on the classes, tracks and insight available for you to tap into at this year’s conference.

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