SmallBusiness names Acrobat 6 Pro a Product of the Year

While much of the recent focus at Adobe Systems has been on enhancing and promoting Acrobat and PDF as enterprise tools and solutions, it seems that both are being widely adopted among smaller businesses, too. recently asked its readers to ‘tell us what products best helped you keep your small business running efficiently and profitably.’ In listing the selected winners in each of 18 categories — including Adobe Acrobat 6 Professional getting the nod for the Small Business Computing Excellence in Technology Award for Graphics/Multimedia Software — the publication concludes that ‘that the same hardware, software, and service providers that have become technology staples at larger companies have tailored their wares to work for your operation.’ Accordingly, it explains:

‘With nearly 60 percent of the popular vote, it’s apparent that small businesses prefer Adobe for distributing, reviewing, and archiving portable document files. Acrobat 6.0 Professional supports the creation of electronic forms and more sophisticated e-mail and browser-based team reviews, as well as making PDF files from Microsoft Project and Visio and from AutoCAD. It adds enhanced tools for printing, viewing, and navigating large-format documents; using layers in technical drawings; and taking advantage of preflight and color separation features for professional printing, including the PDF/X standard for photo-ready, high-end color materials.’

The list of winning products also offers links to the publication’s previous reviews, including an April 2003 article titled ‘Adobe Acrobat Learns New Tricks,’ which concluded:

‘No matter what happens on the cosmic competitive level, the Acrobat 6.0 products seem sure to keep PDF going strong into its second decade. The biggest challenge may be to keep users up to speed with the new features of the platform, when most of them barely scratch the surface of the old features.’

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