Skipping edit message warning dialogs

In both Acrobat 3 and 4, you may have noticed that often you have to click OK to make simple changes, such as moving bookmarks around (see example below). If you are doing it regularly it can get pretty frustrating. Don’t fret, here’s how to stop it occurring in the future.

All you need to do is head to the General Preferences in Acrobat Exchange 3 or Acrobat 4. To do

this go to File > Preferences > General. To get there even faster on Windows just use the

Control+K shortcut key. On the Mac the shortcut key is Command+K.

Now you have the General Preferences dialog open all you need to do is head to the Skip Edit

Warnings checkbox (bottom right) as shown in the screenshot below. Click the checkbox and you

won’t see them again.

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