Six ways to make a law office more productive with PDF

Nuance Communications, Inc., a leading provider of PDF solutions, demonstrated at LegalTech on how to make a law office more productive using PDF technology. PDFs provide law offices with an effective way to collaborate on legal documents as PDFs are compact, retain original design elements, and can be used from PCs, mobile devices and eBook readers. However, Nuance claims that when it comes to using PDF, most legal professionals are only scratching the surface of the productivity-enhancing aspects of the technology.

Below are the six ways with which law offices and legal professionals can find more business value from PDF.

  • Make document scanning available to everyone: Law offices should decentralize the document scanning with multifunction peripherals (MFPs) and desktop scanners so that anyone can scan documents into PDFs. The scanned PDFs are easier to manage and collaborate.
  • Create searchable PDF files: Use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to convert paper documents to create editable and searchable PDF files. This provides flexibility by making it easier to insert paper-based information into electronic documents and locate relevant information within the document.
  • Improve document handling: PDFs can be quickly and cost-effectively converted to editable and commonly used formats such as Word, Excel and Text. This improves document handling and avoids errors from retyping documents.
  • Pull together all your information: In a business environment where different legal teams or professionals work with numerous documents in multiple formats, PDF enables a collaboration platform to combine different file formats into an online case folder. This also helps law offices in electronic case filing.
  • Go Green and annotate documents electronically: PDF provides an inexpensive route to exchange ideas and legal directions by adding notes, signature stamps, callouts and graphics instead of using paper. Additionally, by eliminating the need for paper, PDFs are environmentally-friendly and save money via paperless processes.
  • Protect your proprietary information: PDF security features enable legal professionals to lock-in their content and prevent others from modifying, printing or copying and pasting. PDF also provides the ability to redact documents when necessary to selectively hide sensitive information in documents.

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