Shortcut for fast PDF page navigation

Of all the shortcuts you need to know, being able to quickly jump to a particular page in a PDF is most important. Let’s say you have a 43 page PDF and you’re reviewing it with someone by phone. They ask you to jump to page 30, and you’re on page 1. How quickly can you jump to page 30?

If you know the keyboard shortcut for quickly navigating it would take you about 2 seconds. So what’s the keyboard shortcut?

If you’re on a PC it’s: CONTROL + SHIFT + N. On a Mac it’s COMMAND + SHIFT + N. If you invoke this keyboard shortcut you’ll feel sort of like a piano play because it involves holding down the first two key simultaneously and then pressing the ‘N’ key. Once you do that you’ll see the dialogue box depicted in the screenshot below. Then you just have to type in the page number you want to navigate to, and then press RETURN.

The more you use Acrobat the more useful you’ll find it to know the shortcuts for frequently used commands. Navigation commands are the most frequently used commands when you’re looking at PDFs, whether you are using Acrobat or Adobe Reader. The page navigation command is one of the most useful shortcuts to learn.

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