Shiraz Software releases Adobe PDF Engine plug-in

Shiraz Software has released an integrated plug-in for use with its Signature and Server versions. The Shiraz Adobe PDF Engine plug-in embeds complete functionality within the existing RIP and enables users to adhere to the standard delivery format for the digital print market.

The optional plug-in extends the RIP’s functionality to full Acrobat 9 (PDF 1.7 +Ext) certification, providing greater security and reliability in distribution and exchange of electronic documents and forms.

The Shiraz Adobe PDF Engine plug-in is efficient on multiple CPU systems in a thread-safe manner and offers boosted memory management. ‘The release of this new, essential option now gives existing and new users of our products the ability to conform with industry standard PDF work-flow which is rapidly becoming an essential requirement within the wide-format digital printing industry,’ said Ramin Shahbazi, Shiraz Software’s business development director.

For more information you can go to the company website.

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