Seybold Report launches 2004 PDF Survey

The Seybold Report has posted the third edition of its annual survey aimed at those who ‘generate or receive PDFs as part of your print or Web workflow.’

According to the survey introduction:

‘The questions are about you and your workgroup’s involvement with PDFs. By ‘involvement’ we mean that you use, create, manipulate, process or send PDF files as part of your job. These files may contain text, images or both and are used for content that is physical (print, magazines, newspapers, etc.) or digital (web, database archives, CD, etc.).’

Seybold estimates the survey should take 5-10 minutes to complete, and participants are entered into a drawing for an Apple iPod. A summary of survey results will be published in a future issue of The
Seybold Bulletin, with a more comprehensive analysis slated for the paid-subscription-based Seybold Report.

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