Screamin’ Dean offers PDF-on-the-fly Posters

Until last week, presidential candidate Howard Dean was becoming best-known for his revolutionary online fund-raising exploits, his campaign’s ground-breaking use of cyber-meetings and a Weblog. During the summer and fall of 2003 he built a seemingly insurmountable lead over other Democrats hoping to get the party’s nod to run against Pres. George W. Bush in the November national elections in the United States.

Then came Dean’s surprisingly underwhelming performance in the Iowa caucuses, placing a distant third. In addressing his supporters after the results became known, Dean attempted to rally his troops with an extra dose of enthusiasm. His exuberant battlecry — as has been widely recycled on television and on the Internet — has become infamous as the ‘I had a Scream‘ speech, and may well become the most memorable aspect of his now-fading campaign.

If the Dean faithful can inspire a rally for next Tuesday’s primary in New Hampshire, they’ll have to take full advantage of the technological wizardry that has helped propel the former Vermont governor’s run for the presidency. Among the Web-based tools are the PDF-based posters available by state, with standard slogans, for downloading — or one can also create a customized, on-the-fly poster or flyer in PDF.

If the Dean campaign’s meltdown continues, these PDFs could soon become political keepsakes.

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