Saving PDF Files and Loading Toolbars

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The following is excerpted, published with the expressed permission of the author and publisher, from an introductory chapter of ‘Adobe Acrobat 6: Complete Course‘ book.

As you edit PDF documents you’ll want to periodically save your work. Acrobat provides a tool in the Toolbar Well for saving documents. If you want to save a file with a new name or save a file to rewrite it and optimize the document, you use the Save As command. The default tools appearing in the Toolbar Well are only some of the many tools and toolbars you have available in Acrobat. As you approach each editing session, it’s a good idea to open toolbars and dock them in the Toolbar Well. In this segment, you learn how to open toolbars and add them to the Toolbar Well.

  1. Download cb_annualReport-UPDATE.pdf [PDF: 0.8 MB]
  2. Open cb_annualReport-UPDATE.pdf in Acrobat.
  3. Choose File > Save As.

    The Save As dialog box opens.

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  1. Save the file as cb_annualReport_finish.pdf.
  2. Click the Advanced Editing task button.

    When you click the Advanced Editing task button, the Advanced Editing toolbar opens as a floating toolbar in the Acrobat window.

  3. Open a context menu from the Toolbar Well (right-click in Windows or Control-click on the Macintosh) and choose Dock All Toolbars.

    The Advanced Editing toolbar is docked in the Toolbar Well when you release the mouse button. Notice the context menu also displays a list of toolbars. Those toolbars with a check adjacent to the toolbar name are currently open in the Toolbar Well. Toolbars without check marks are hidden. Clicking a toolbar toggles it open or closed.

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