Saft 6 adds PDF Export to latest Safari browser

Apple recently released version 1.2 of its free Safari Web browser, adding a number of enhancements — but NOT among them the long missing-in-action ability to directly display PDFs inline, a once-built-in feature Macintosh users enjoyed prior to the move to OS X. Despite assurances, Apple and Adobe have yet to collaborate on returning the now-Windows-only option for natively viewing PDFs inline to Acrobat 6 after the feature vanished during the Acrobat 5 timeframe. A third-party developer offers a free PDF Browser Plugin that provides some of the same functionality.

An update to another third-party Mac product, Saft, adds [among a number of new features] to Safari the ability to ‘export a web page as one whole page PDF,’ according to the shareware application’s ReadMe file. Using v.6.0 of Saft with Safari v.1.2, one can choose the Export option from a contextual menu to generate a PDF file.

Saft export to PDF

After a test drive of the demo version, we discovered that the feature works exactly — and literally — as described. A local Web page, one that when first converted with Acrobat 6’s Web Capture tool produced a five-page PDF, with Saft resulted in a long, one-page PDF document, as shown below:

Safari export to PDF

In this case, viewing the PDF inline may not be desirable.

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