Reordering pages in Acrobat

Reordering pages in a PDF document is basically as easy and dragging and dropping. It is something that comes in handy when a document has been saved as a PDF and just needs slight reordering to make it perfect. Here is a step by step guide to do it in Adobe Acrobat 11.

This tip explains and shows you how to do it:

  1. There are a number of ways to view your pdf as thumbnails. An easy way is to click the thumbnails button on the right of your screen in the Adobe Acrobat viewer.Click Thumbnail Icon on Right of ViewerReorder pages in Acrobat
  2. Select the page that you would like to view. It will display it in the main section of the view
    Reorder Pages in Acrobat
  3. Click and hold the thumbnail of the page that you would like to move. Drag and drop the thumbnails to the position you want it.
    Reorder pages in Acrobat
  4. Save the resequenced document.
    Reorder pages in Acrobat

You’re done! But, make sure to check if your links are still all in the same place. There are ways to do this, we’ll show you that soon!

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