Remote Approach v2.0 launched

Remote Approach has launched version 2.0 of its PDF document measurement software. Remote Approach 2.0 includes new page measurement features, which clients can now use to analyze page and document readership. Other new features in version 2.0 include analysis of how many people printed documents, geographic analysis, XML export, and comparative segment analysis. More at Planet PDF.

‘After version 1.0 launched, we had a tremendous amount of input from our client base on features they needed to enhance their online publishing models. Page measurement was key for many of them,’ said John Bielby, President of Remote Approach. ‘Knowing which areas of a document are being read and which are being skipped really allows our clients to hone material for their audience. It allows our clients to be more effective as content providers and deliver better bang for their development dollars.’

Available as both an online service and distributed software, Remote Approach allows users to tag PDF documents such that, when distributed, the documents automatically interact with an online reporting system. This allows clients to see whether their documents are being read — not just downloaded — and if they are being forwarded via email or peer-to-peer systems.

More information and a free online demonstration can be found on the Remote Approach website.

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