Redistilling PDFs for Smaller File Sizes

Tip originally appeared in 101 Acrobat 5.0 eTips and Techniques.

Acrobat’s ‘Optimize for Fast Web View’ will
create pointers for common background
data instead of embedding all the data
separately on each page.

If, however, you create separate PDF files
and join them by inserting pages, the data
on individual pages will be unnecessarily

The document you are viewing uses a
master page item from QuarkXPress. If I
print each page separately to PostScript
and distill all the separate files, then
merge them in a single PDF, the file size
will be more than 20 times larger than a
single file distilled in Acrobat Distiller.

To resolve a problem when it’s necessary
to create separate pages, combine them
all in a singe PDF, then select File > Save
AS > PostScript File. Redistill the resultant
PostScript file in Acrobat Distiller with the
Job Options needed for your output.The
final file will be much smaller.

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