Redax 5.0 released

Appligent Document Solutions has launched version 5 of its Redax plug-in for Adobe Acrobat on Windows. The software allows users to permanently redact (censor) information in PDF documents.

‘The latest Redax continues our 14-year tradition of providing professional-strength PDF redaction to organizations demanding maximum efficiency and capability from their redaction software,’ says Appligent Document Solutions’ President and COO, Virginia Gavin. ‘Redax 5.0 makes it easy to redact confidential information, and Redax is affordable for every agency.’

Back before PDF was even a gleam in John Warnock’s eye, governments and other agencies censored portions of documents with razors, black markers, and even photocopiers. With the rise of PDF, it became necessary to replicate this task with the electronic document format. Appligent was the first company to offer such a solution — and it has the US patent number to prove it (it’s 7,428,701, if you’re wondering).

The basic idea of PDF redaction is to permanently remove text and image content from PDF documents, such that hacking the file can’t reveal it. In addition to this core functionality and significant performance enhancements, Redax 5.0 offers an expanded patter search, allowing users to find and redact credit card numbers, dates, email addresses, postal codes, Social Security Numbers (SSN), telephone numbers and URLs.

Redax 5 is available from the official Appligent Document Systems website.

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