Recosoft to release PDF2Office Professional 4.0 in late May

Another great scoop at the PDF Conference this year was the news that Recosoft plans to release a significantly updated version of its PDF2Office software. PDF2Office Professional 4.0 will be shipping out May 30th according to Paul Chadha, VP Engineering and Product Development for Recosoft.

The last professional release was in September 2006 and Chadha said this release is a ‘big release.’ Many of the updates and changes made to the upcoming version were incorporated directly because of user feedback.

One of the more notable features in the upcoming release include the improvements the company made in regard to boosting the software’s image exporting capabilities which enables users to easily export group and export images.

Additionally, Chadha said the company also focused on easier font handling features for users and now users can proactively specify backup fonts for substitution of any fonts that might not be readily available.

During our interview Chadha also talked about the company’s previous preview announcement in January in regard to its PDF to InDesign conversion plug-in for Adobe InDesign which allows opening PDF documents in InDesign as fully editable InDesign files. The plug-in is gaining much buzz and Chadha said he expects it to ship in mid-July.

The PDF to InDesign conversion tool will be available for both Mac and PC users and more information can be found in the company’s announcement.

Judging by the creatives in attendance at the conference, and Recosoft’s busy booth I predict we’ll be hearing much more about this plug-in.

Chadha and his team are dedicated to PDF users in terms of working hard to find ways to initiate and engage user feedback and Chadha spent almost 4 months in the U.S. facilitating user meetings and gathering user comments in terms of what the company can do to keep the products usability quotient high.

Look for more stories coming out of the conference next week with some surprising comments from the panel discussion on ‘Acrobat Alternatives’. I had the lucky opportunity to sit betwixt Leonard Rosenthal, Technical Evangelist for Standards, Adobe and Lori DeFurio, Developer Evangelist, Adobe, during the panel discussion which in itself was quite interesting. (The sitting betwixt and the overall panel discussion.)

I’m trying to come up with an ‘evangelist-themed’ term for my time at Disney World and so far, here’s my title: Nettie Hartsock, PDF Reporting Evangelist. Write me at and tell me what you think. Also, if you have any comments or insights on the conference or news scoops you’d like to share, please send those on as well.

And look for in-depth interviews with Duff Johnson (Document Solutions), Eric Cullins (Enfocus) and Thad McIllroy (Arcadia House) coming soon.

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