Recosoft announces major upgrade to PDF2ID

Recosoft has announced PDF2ID v3.0, a new version of its PDF-to-InDesign conversion tool. A wide range of updates make the new release more customizable, as well as better able to integrate with InDesign CS5.

Other improvements to the software package include the ability for users to link text frames across pages, as well as recover PDF transitions, bookmarks and URLs. Separate layers can be created in one document for text, tables and graphics, and a new graphics options panel has also been introduced which allows users greater control over image and vector-graphics conversions.

PDF2ID v3.0 for both Mac and PC ships in September this year. Customers who purchase PDF2ID v2.x licenses on or after August 1, 2010 are entitled to a free upgrade when the new version is released, but other users will need to purchase the new package. Read more at Recosoft’s website.

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