Recent Acrobat 6 books offer tips, in-depth instruction

In May 2002 we launched a promotional contest for the book ‘Adobe Acrobat 5: The Professional User’s Guide’ from Apress, by author Donna Baker. At the time we wrote in this Weblog:

‘One of the other questions we’re increasingly asked now comes from people who’ve been working with Acrobat for awhile. They tell us when they look at many of the available books and guides, they don’t see enough of the kind of advanced material to take them to the next level, or to help them truly understand how or why certain features work. Donna Baker, a self-described power user and fanatic for detail, goes where other Acrobat books have so far feared to tread, well beyond the basics and often into feature nooks, technical crannies and advanced functions many users probably didn’t even know existed.’

Nearly two years and a version of Acrobat later, we’re pleased to announce a forthcoming promotion of not one, but TWO new books by Baker that cover Acrobat 6. Watch for details soon on Planet PDF about how to qualify to win one of eight copies of each of the following recently released books:

Adobe Acrobat 6: The Professional User’s Guide‘ — written in collaboration with Tom Carson, published by Apress

Adobe Acrobat 6 Tips and Tricks: The 100 Best‘ — published by Adobe Press/Peachpit Press

We’ll be publishing a sample chapter from the Baker-Carson book in the near future, and in addition, soon will also begin publishing a series of sample tips from Baker’s solo effort as part of our ongoing archive of Acrobat 6 tips. We’ll be giving away copies of both books during our upcoming co-promotions with both publishers.

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