Rearranging your Objects

Using the new ‘Touch Up Object’ tool you can move and even copy existing pictures in your

Click and Hold the Left Mouse button on the ‘TouchUp Text Tool’, a ‘flyout’ menu will
appear with a pointer icon, this icon is the ‘TouchUp Object Tool'(see Figure 1.1).

Figure 1.1

With this tool you are now able to move any picture object around on the page. To copy a
picture object, select the picture and either select Copy from the Right Mouse Button popup
menu or select Copy from the Edit Menu, then choose Paste from either of the two menus
(Edit>Paste or Right Mouse Click on the Page>Paste).

Note: Often Acrobat will paste the new copy over the top of the existing object. This
object can’t be copied across the clipboard, but it can be copied across the pages in the
same PDF.

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