Read a PDF, Feed a Christmas Tree

Those who monitor such things expect an increasing amount of year-end holiday-related shopping to be conducted online. Certain items, however, still require the old-fashioned approach — cash-and-carry. For example, if decorating a Christmas tree is part of the family ritual, no one has yet invented a way to download a fir, pine or spruce.

Keeping the adorned tree alive throughout the holiday season also requires manual intervention — periodic watering. If remembering to do so has not been a good habit in the past, there *is* something you can download that may be helpful. Well, you can download a brochure in PDF explaining how the Christmas Tree Water Level Indicator works.

Xmas tree water alarm

It’s an ornament that ‘monitors and displays four water levels so you know when and how much to add.’ The ‘True Green’ device even plays a Christmas song when the tree’s water supply is low.

You’ll still need to ‘upload’ the water manually.

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