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It’s become increasingly clear that the task of rebuilding Iraq following the forced departure of Saddam Hussein is going to require a major international effort — militarily, financially and otherwise. Politics (and the 2004 presidential election) aside, one can’t help but wonder how that can be accomplished when at the same time one hand of the U.S. government is reaching out to encourage broader support of and involvement from major allies, the other hand pokes some of the same allies (which initially did not support the decision to attack Iraq) in the eye with a hot stick — as is outlined in ‘Department of Defense Issues Determination for Prime Contract Awards for Iraq Relief and Reconstruction‘ [PDF: 272kb]:

‘The Deputy Secretary of Defense issued a determination dated 5 December 2003 for 26 contracts to be awarded by the Department of Defense on behalf of the Coalition Provisional Authority for the purpose of Iraq relief and reconstruction. The determination requires firms to be from the United States, Iraq, Coalition partners and force contributing nations to be eligible to compete for the prime contracts.’

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