Quite Imposing Plus updated

Quite Software announced today a new version of its flagship pre-press Quite Imposing Plus plug-in. The new version includes full Acrobat X (10.0) compatibility and a host of new features focused on productivity. In related news, Quite has also announced that a beta preview of Quite Hot Imposing 3.0 is available now on its web site.

The latest release of Quite Imposing Plus adds fast page duplication (with or without collation), tiling of pages (with optional overlap and bleed), and anamorphic scaling (also with optional bleed handling). It also includes enhancements to existing features, such as support for variable data, mirroring alignment on sheet backs, unlimited undo in manual imposition, more flexible numbering, and conditionally adding pages to meet a condition.

Automation has been a point of focus in this latest update. In line with this priority, there will also be a new version of Quite’s high-end imposition product, Quite Hot Imposing, which allows automation outside Acrobat. In addition to all of the features listed above for Quite Imposing Plus, the software can also be used to automate steps such as page deletion, moving and conditional rotation.

The two new products support the latest standards, including PDF/X-4 and PDF/X-5 in their 2010 revisions.

For more information about the updates, check out the official Quite Software update page.

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