Qoppa Software announces improved PDF Studio

Qoppa Software, a provider of PDF solutions, has announced the release of an improved version 6.6 of PDF Studio, its desktop-based software for PDF editing. The new version includes the ability to import text and MS Word documents into PDFs, along with providing enhanced user experience and user control.

The new and improved PDF Studio 6.6 features:

  • A new Tool Chest pane for quick and easy access to annotations. The most recent and favourite annotations are saved and displayed in Tool Chest pane making it easier to repeat the same annotations
  • Support for grouping annotations
  • Enhanced support for Custom stamps, such as the ability to include multiple annotations in a single stamp and support for including date & time in a stamp
  • The ability to import the Text, Image and MS Word files for conversion to PDF
  • An option for users on Windows and Linux platform to choose Native file dialog from OS instead of Java Swing dialog
  • Ability for International users with non-Latin installations, to edit Unicode text in annotations, content and document properties

PDF Studio 6.6 is a cross-platform software that runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It is available in Standard and Pro Editions. Read more at the PDF Studio product page.

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