Previewing Font Sets in PDF

When you have a need to see what your fonts like as a complete font set for screen or print it can prove difficult or painstaking to build such a document.

A quick way to see what your font set’s look like is to get your operating system to do the work for you.

Open the folder on your system where the fonts are kept (on Windows this is usually C:WINDOWSFonts). Select a font you want to preview and double click it.

You should be presented with a preview set of the font.

If you choose Print and select the ‘Adobe PDF’ printer, enter a filename when you are prompted and click OK.
The Adobe PDF printer will create a perfect rendition of your font set so you can see if the font will be suitable for your onscreen or printing needs.

When creating PDF’s with lots of different and interesting fonts remember to set Acrobat Distillers job settings to Subset your fonts when you embed them, this reduces the size of your PDF files. (Remember that fonts are subject to copyright meaning that some fonts can’t be embedded.)

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