Planning for Seybold(s) 2004

The days of having to choose between attending the annual east and/or west coast (U.S.) editions of the PDF-oriented sessions and programs hosted by Seybold Seminars is no longer a dilemma. The challenging economic climate of the past few years has impacted the conference industry as a whole. Accordingly, Seybold will host only one major U.S. event — its flagship San Francisco conference — slated for August 16-20.

But if you’re looking for an event earlier in the year to catch up on the latest developments and issues — and if a European setting appeals — check out the second coming of the Seybold PDF Summit slated for Amsterdam, The Netherlands on April 20-21. It’s described as:

‘Professionals from all across Europe gather to address their immediate needs and to define their long-term content deployment and enterprise integration strategies. This informative, two-day conference and pavilion is the meeting ground for influencers in print publishing, enterprise and government organizations from across Europe. Organized by Europeans for Europeans, the conference presents the best experts we could find from the European PDF community.’

New and related as part of the Amsterdam-based conference for 2004 is a separate one-day program on Monday, April 19 titled the ‘Seybold eForms Summit. It’s designed to focus:

‘… on the three main technologies and products changing the eForms business: the W3C’s XForms 1.0 standard, which was recently released as a recommendation; Microsoft’s InfoPath, part of the new Office 2003 suite that has XML-enabled everything; and Adobe’s Forms Designer, which seeks to combine the interoperability of XML with the presentation qualities of PDF. Get an in-depth overview of each, as well as case studies and a report by leading analysts about what each technology can — and can’t — do for you.’

The opening keynote topic sounds intriguing: ‘PDF: End of the Beginning or Beginning of the End?‘ For the sake of future events, we presume the answer is the first choice.

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