Planet PDF’s Must-See Hotpicks at Seybold Amsterdam

With scarcely two weeks to go until the RAI Centre opens its doors for Seybold Amsterdam, the Planet PDF team has kicked into high gear preparing for the key European event. So the crucial questions emerge: what are the hot sessions this year? What does Planet PDF recommend? And of course, for those lucky enough to have a few hours spare, what else is there to do and see in beautiful Amsterdam? Hear from the Planet PDF ‘Away team’: Acting CEO Sam Chandler and Planet PDF Evangelist Dan Shea.

Without further ado, on to the picks…

Seybold Must-See Sessions

Sam’s Picks
1) Tuesday, 20/4 2:00pm-3:15pm

Managing PDF Solutions in Governments and Enterprises

The question for most organizations today is not ‘Should we have electronic document workflows?’ but ‘We have electronic document workflows. How do we extract maximum value?’ This session by Rob Vlug and Frank Delanghe and moderated by Peter Luit is a must for any executive considering the broader implications for PDF technology in government or enterprise environments.

2) Wednesday, 21/4 11:00am-12:30pm

Automating PDF Document Creation: PDF On-the-Fly and More

PDF presents incredible opportunities for dynamically-generated documents. Anyone can ‘distill’ a single PDF document from a desktop page layout application — but what about assembling custom PDF files on the fly from multiple data sources? How could you use PDF technology to produce dynamic documents directly from your web sites or web applications? In this session hear from recognized international PDF expert and founder of PDFlib GmbH, Thomas Merz.

3) Wednesday, 21/4 5:00pm-6:15pm

Power Panel and Closing Session

The Seybold Power Panel has a history of bringing together the best minds in PDF. Just some of the names waiting to take questions from the floor include Enfocus CEO David Van Driessche, PDFlib President Thomas Merz, Adobe Product Manager Chuck Myers and Planet PDF’s very own Dan Shea. After several days of Seybold conference sessions, conclude the event by getting straight answers to your key PDF questions.

Dan’s Picks

1) Tuesday, 20/4 11:00am-12:30pm

PDF @ drupa 2004

Drupa’s importance to the worldwide graphics industry is well-documented — in fact, 2004’s offering was so popular that it sold out! After having spoken to a number of attendees to that event over the years, the scope of the show is so large that even attending delegates worry about missing out on crucial information. With travel budgets tightening globally, time-poor delegates will appreciate this PDF-focused insider’s ‘Digest’ version of the mammoth show from key industry figures Stephan Jaeggi, Menno Mooij and Peter Ollen.

2) Wednesday, 21/4 9:00am-10:30am

PDF and Document Structure (XML)

Once upon a time, the debate raged: PDF or XML? Eventually, some bright folks realized that far from being mutually exclusive, these two exciting technologies filled different needs and were in fact a natural fit in a complete workflow. The fruits of this epiphany? Structured or tagged PDF. Attend this session to obtain a better understanding of this fascinating technology with applications as diverse as accessibility, reflow of PDF in portable devices, and the meaningful extraction of data between PDF and XML.

3) Wednesday, 21/4 3:30pm-4:45pm

7-Minutes with a PDF Developer

I consider this slot to be an absolute must-see for industry both PDF stalwarts and newcomers to the technology. No matter what your particular niche, this session covers the length and breadth of *new* PDF-related software and services. In other words, developers and solutions providers can check out the competition while corporate consumers gain the knowledge to make informed choices about where to spend their company coin.

Must-See Amsterdam

Ahhh, Holland! The land of wooden clogs, windmills and tulips, eh? Ummm, not quite.

Although we’ve never personally visited the cultured-yet-funky tourist center that is the Netherlands capital, friends back home have raved upon their return from this eclectic gem of a city. It’s been described as ‘…one of the world’s best hangouts…’ by, and we’re truly looking forward to finding out for ourselves if it lives up to that grand claim. Aside from generally soaking up the local atmosphere, there are a few can’t-miss items for us.

Sam’s Picks

1) Canals

Amsterdam’s canals expand outward from the city center in interlocking rings, binding together this fascinating city on the water. The canals are the heart of Amsterdam. In fact, Amsterdam has more canals than Venice. A visit to Amsterdam is not complete without a boat tour of these very famous waterways.

2) Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum lies between the famous Rijksmuseum and the Stedelijk Musemum and is home to the world’s largest collection of paintings by Vincent van Gogh. Supporting the permanent collection are a number of 19th century and contemporary exhibitions from a wide selection of artists. The museum is a Dutch cultural treasure and an essential stop for anyone visiting Amsterdam.

Dan’s Picks

1) Begijnhof

This enclosed courtyard dates from the turn of the 14th century, and is located behind the packed Spui shopping strip. The sense of peace and tranquility in this area is amazing, given this proximity, but harkens back to its origin as a Catholic convent for the Beguines. It’s amazing to imagine that this series of tiny dwellings once housed an entire order of women acting as caretakers for the elderly and their charges. The Begijnhof also happens to be home to the oldest maintained wooden house in the country.

2) Anne Frankhuis

Anne Frank’s diary has been translated into at least 55 languages, and tells the story of the Jewish girl’s experiences after her family was betrayed to the Gestapo during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. From July 1942 to August 1944, Anne’s family and four others went into hiding in order to avoid deportation in a concealed portion of the building, accessed by a revolving bookcase. Anne Franhuis (‘Anne Frank’s House’) is a major attraction, drawing over half a million annual visitors, so get in early to avoid the queues.

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