Planet PDF upgrade continues

Planet PDF is a division of Debenu.

As mentioned on the Debenu blog, Planet PDF is currently in the process of being migrated across to a shiny new server. Once the move is complete, the new server will significantly improve site performance and uptime.

Due to the commencement of this migration, some readers may have experienced some disruption their reading habits during the second half of last week. The upgrade is still ongoing, so occasional, minor disruptions may be observed while this process is completed.

We at Planet PDF apologize for any inconvenience caused by this maintenance work, but are pleased to announce that the recently released Planet PDF Q&A is already up-and-running on one of our new servers. Since this means that it will be unaffected by the move, you will be pleased to hear that you can continue to freely post your PDF questions and expert answers.

Thanks for your patience, and know that Planet PDF will be bigger and better once it is running on the new hardware.

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