Planet PDF Search Guide

How to search in Planet PDF

This guide will provide some help and tips to perform
searches of the Planet PDF Website. For further assistances you can inquire href=’/contact.asp’>here.

Choosing the right search option

There are two options available for searching within the Planet PDF website:

  • Standard search: This is the default search option,
    and searches all the pages of the website.

  • Find PDF Software search: This search will only search withing
    the PDF Software section of Planet PDF.

Search Syntax

To assist in efficient searching, special search syntax can be used in
your search queries.

Entering ‘John‘ in the search field will return all the pages that
contain the word ‘John‘ in it. It is not case sensitive, so
john‘ would also be returned as a valid result.

Boolean Operators – AND, OR, NOT

Entering ‘John Doe‘ will return any pages containing both the words
John AND Doe. The following searches will
return the same results:

John Doe
john doe
doe john

If you want pages that contains either John OR
Doe, then enter the search terms ‘John OR Doe’

john OR doe
doe Or john

If you want to view pages that don’t contain certain words, then use the word
not in your search query.

‘john NOT doe’ will return all the pages with John that do not also
contain the word Doe in it.

You can be clever and combine the AND, OR and NOT operators to quickly narrow
down your searches.

‘John Doe NOT Smith’ Will only return pages with the words John
and Doe in them, providing they also don’t have the word Smith
in them.


You can use the wildcard ‘*’ character at the end of a word to produce search
results that contain a number of different truncations of the search term.

A search of ‘jo*’ would return any pages containing ‘jon, john, jonathon,
jockey, joke,’ etc.

The wildcard character only works at the end of a word, if
you enter it it anywhere else it will be considered part of the word – so J*e
would literally search for instances of J*e.

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